GB Translation & Editing, your go-to resource in English to French translation, editing and proofreading.

In partnership with our clients, we create and adapt documents for impact and efficiency in all your communication needs. From business cards to annual reports, we translate documents of all sizes and scope, always with the same focus on quality. We also proofread and edit French and English copy.

We know your time is money, so our lead times are among the shortest in the industry.

You invest a lot in your documents.  Make sure they are flawless from the start.

How often do we receive a flyer or pamphlet riddled with typos, grammar errors, or inaccurate information?  You know how embarrassing it can be for a business owner when each and every customer points out the same mistake, over and over again, or when the error shows up in the funnies section of consumer magazines.

We can help you avoid such hassle.  Trust your original copy to us for review, translation and proofreading.  For a modest fee, you will have peace of mind, confident that your documents are flawless before printing, release, or online publishing.

We specialize in:

  • Marketing communications
  • Media releases
  • Corporate documents
  • Reports, briefs, business plans
  • Promotional materials
  • Websites
  • Advocacy and issue communications
  • Packaging

Get your message across flawlessly. Give us a try, you might be surprised!